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I am a Nobody.

My name is Xylia and I am 18 years old. I am attending NYU and my birthday is November fifth. My zodiac signs are Scorpio and Horse. I am a cusp'er on neither. I don't know my blood type.

I am a clever little sneak.

I own quite a bit of interspace. 2 LJ comms (axelxzexion and emptyxmelodies.) One website (Org XIII.) One shrine (Blood Perplexity.) I have not updated any of these in at least a year.

I am a beast whom no one could love.

I rant. A lot. Keep that in mind. However, I do also like listening to rants (but you'll have to address me directly if you want to rant) so feel free to drop me a line over AIM or e-mail (even anonymously; go ahead.)

I am disrespectful to my elders.

I will have schoolwork to do. I love distractions, especially if they're yaoi or art or Kingdom Hearts/Bleach/Metal Gear Solid/etc. related. Or something. Please.

I am a silent hero.

If I told you how I saved the world, I wouldn't be a silent hero, now would I?

I am just another darkling.

I am a raging fangirl. I like art, I like writing, I like AMVs and websites and I am addicted to Kingdom Hearts, The Organization, [ INSERT CURRENT FANDOM HERE ] and the internet in general. I dA, FF, and youtube.

I am dying of laughter.

I hate a lot of things. I hate homophobes and I hate antivegetarianists and I hate when people say "Asians all look the same." I also really, really hate getting requests unless I specifically permission them because 1. usually I get a "thank you!" and whatever I do gets lost in cyberspace forever 2. I get picky customers and 3. People who I haven't talked to in ages or people I barely know will talk to me just to get something out of me and never talk to me again.

I am one of life's little rules.

I love to hang out. Talk to me. Roleplay with me (Kingdom Hearts: twilightxthorn.)

I am looking lively.

I love music. All sorts of music. I also love to share my music. Never hesitate to ask me for any, because trust me, if you haven't heard one of my favorite songs, I will make you someday anyway.

I am skipping the formalities.

I love friends! Friend me! If you like me, let me know (if you do, we probably share the same interests. If we do, I probably like you as well.) I TOOK OFF LINKS TO MY PERSONAL INFO PAGES.

I am a traitor.

I get angry easily. I get homicidal rarely ever-- and yes, there's a difference. Do not piss me off that badly (and trust me, if you do, you will know.)

I am a lying memory.

This is who I am. Don't like me? That's fine. A lot of people don't. It's not a big blow to my ego.

I'm dreaming...

...But which parts...

...Were the dream?

Support love.

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I agree except I take lots of concern in other people's business XD;