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Oh, Jesus Christ.

Okay, so, my housing application is due TOMORROW, right?

And my roommate-to-be and I have filled out our applications like good girls, because our parents have nagged us constantly.

So my roommate's mom decides to call at 10:00 PM tonight to be like "I THINK WE SHOULD CHANGE IT."

And I mean, okay, it's not totally unfounded because she's like "this way you (I) might have to wind up paying $5,000 more for two weeks of air conditioning you don't need."

But seriously lady, you spent the last month nagging us to get this done. If you cared about how much it cost, you would have asked to be a part of this process. Not after we submitted the application. And I mean, I know that's bitchy to say because it is $5,000, but come on. (I'm actually still kind of on her side at this point; just keep reading.)

So I log in to check for her and I'm like "shit, they deleted my fields," so I don't know if my application is blank or not. So I'm like, "well perfect, considering I have to send it in again anyway."

So after like half an hours' worth of arguing, my roommate's mom is like "OK don't change anything. Forget it."

I am like "AUGH you can't leave me dangling with this may-have-deleted-my-application! You know what, I am just filling it out the same way again and submitting it twice. They can just think I'm some retarded freshman."

But then my friend/roommate who I'm calling to tell the good news to, is like all sobbing and like "no, I want to change it because my mom is only saying she doesn't want it to change to stop all the arguing and she'll be mad forever later." And I'm like "okay, I understand-- Okay, what do you want?!"

And she's like "I don't know." And I know she wouldn't have argued FOR the change if she is okay WITHOUT the change, so I am like "AUGH obviously this isn't resolved."

And then the other part of me is like JKSNGJKES because I want to sleep toniiiight. (Yet, I want to make this post first.)


Yeah, kind of frustrated that my friend has to be upset about this, that her mom's a bitch jerkface, and that all of this is happening major last-minute. Like seriously. She could have at least called at like 9:00 PM.

Yeah, yeah, I'm writing it tonight so I'll probably be like, "well that was a retarded reason to be angry," tomorrow. But it's a good story of major fail anyway.

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