roomofawakening (roomofawakening) wrote,

I had a weird dream last night/this morning.

It involved LB! =)

Okay, so, it was friday at school and (they usually serve sushi on thursdays)but they had a sushi bar and I went to go get some and I sat down to eat it but then everyone finished their lunch and went to do something else. Meanwhile, I had realized I had gotten things with meat in them and was trying to see how they tasted, which is bad. I'm not sure if this is due to the fact that I haven't eaten meat for like five years or not.

Anyway, I wanted to see what was wrong and apparently LB became this crime-fighting syndicate and I went to the mission because like five of us were sent (don't ask me which ones.)

So there was this girl sitting in the pool, and she was kind of stuck-up. And her boyfriend was at the opposite end of the pool and this other guy was talking to her, and he got violently angry and started swimming towards them. The other guy like ran on water out of there.

And then the girl was like making fun of her boyfriend's music selection. I don't know. It was apparently her birthday? And then he tried to kill her with a tidal wave, and then threw a torch out of nowhere.

And then LB goes over and knocks him out. Not before Fizzy and Miru come in pretending to be plumbers with ridiculous wapanese accents. ? Apparently the costumes were good though, because they tried to talk to someone else in LB and he/she (I don't remember who it was) couldn't understand them. Or maybe they were just trolling, I don't know. But apparently then the girl we were trying to save died anyway. ??

Then we had like, a sneaking mission, and we were crawling through the most outrageous air vent/sewer system combo ever. The whole thing looked like one of those tunnel slides on the playground. So we were just sliding around, except Sam, who refused to sit down on the thing and was crouched down stomping around the slide. She kept getting lost (sorry Sam.) She was wearing heels. I think the click-clack noise that was in my brain was half contributed by listening to Inward Hellix forever.

Anyway, we finally got to the like sewer water thing and we had to grab some items, but nobody wanted to do it, so I volunteered. When I jumped in, I had the whole "hold-your-breath" life bar from Metal Gear Solid. It was kind of awesome. Well, except that I kept having to run back for air.

For some reason, I picked up like used pads. WTF. Ew. Figures my dream about LB would have leaking in it.

And apparently Mariah Carey (?? don't know what prompted this) was (the only person) staying in the hotel and they yelled at her for flushing her used feminine products. They were mad because apparently there was a grave down there and they wanted to honor it. It never crossed my mind in the dream why the hell they had flushed someone down the toilet.
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